Green & Black’s

Our sponsors, Green & Black’s, deserve a special mention.  In 1991 Green & Black’s started producing organic chocolate using ethical business standards and so introduced the UK’s first Fair Trade mark. Today these excellent traditions encourage farming methods that support biodiversity. Its Ethical Sourcing Standards are based on International Labour Organisation Conventions, theUN Declaration of Human Rights, the Ethical Initiative Basecode and take into account the Soil Association Organic Standards.

We feel proud to associate our Chelsea Flower Show garden with an outstanding exemplar of ethical business practice.


  1. Hello, I read the article today in the Independent -a brilliant and creative initiative for highlighting impacts of climate change and deforestation!

    I think you will enjoy this related film we produced last year which voices the very same issues:

    It is a link to a participatory video made by Baka communities in Eastern Cameroon in April 2009 and screened by community members at the Copenhagen climate summit in December!

    Working with local Baka organisation Okani we have seeded a community video hub in Mayos village and will continue to support critical home made video productions on these isues. We would welcome any support possible from Green and Blacks – if you have an interest in this initiative please get in touch.

    Good luck with the garden!
    Nick Lunch, Director, InsightShare

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