Thank you for showing such an interest in the needs of the Baka people in Cameroon. The area is a hot spot for biodiversity and a place where the UNESCOprogramme has an interest in safeguarding the culture and the environment of the indigenous tribes. Specifically from the Man and Biosphere Programme the Dja Biosphere Reserve is particularly special for its bio-cultural significance and the harvesting of medicinal plants. Raising awareness of the needs of these people within the developed world is an important step to safeguarding the environmental and human rights of the people.I wish you every success with the demonstration garden at the Chelsea Flower Show.
Yours sincerely
Andy Bell
Chair UK MAB Committee


Oxford University

I’m really delighted to hear about the proposal for a Baka garden at the Chelsea Flower Show. This is a really important opportunity to educate an influential audience about the plight of the Baka and their magnificent forests.
Dr Nick Brown MA MSc DPhil DipLATHE
Fellow and senior tutor,
Linacre College, Oxford University,
forest ecology specialist


The Eden Project

“The Eden Project is delighted to be associated with this garden because nit addresses serious issues in a way that can bring them to the attention of a wide audience and this in turn will provide the awareness that is so necessary for peoples under threat through not having a voice. The RHS is once again to be commended for its growing support for gardens that have meaning as well as great beauty and artistry. When all is said and done horticulture lies at the heart of life on earth and plants themselves are the mainstay of life itself. Gardens such as this remind us that wherever in the world we live our own Eden’s need to be nurtured – out of need and out of sentiment”.
Tim Smit,
The Eden Project



I love the idea of a Baka garden. It’s a great way to show how these people live in harmony with the surrounding rainforest. And more importantly to highlight the threat of deforestation in their region.
Julia Hailes, MBE,


Yale University

Of all the great rainforests of the world those of West Africa under particular threat.
This project is of vital significance to help draw attention to the fragile future of these magnificent ecosystems and the plight of the people who depend on them.
Sir Peter Crane FRS
Carl W. Knobloch Jr. Dean
School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Yale University


The British High Commission in Cameroon supports this project


  1. Congratulations to the RHS for considering this innovative and urgently important project. It promises to be visually intriguing as well as of huge impact in the story it tells. It is a true account, and an allegory of survival which is imminently threatened.

    Gaie Houston
    Emeritus Adviser
    The Gestalt Centre

  2. This is an inspiring project which should be of keen interest to anybody who cares about the future of the planet, and of life on earth. Having
    helped to prepare conferences in Brazil and Greenland on global environmental challenges, I am keenly aware that Africa is often neglected in such discussions. Jane Owen and her Baka friends are helping to make sure that Africa’s voice is heard.
    Bruce Clark

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